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Joriba bakery is a 100% Belgian family business with over 75 years of experience in the bakery and dessert sector. Our range includes artisan cakes and gourmet pastries as well as fully vegan, gluten-free baked goods.

About us

At our three production facilities, we create quality baked goods for clients in wholesale, industry, retail and food service.

We provide artisan craftsmanship at scale, using efficient and flexible state-of-the-art methods to produce genuine bakery-quality goods. We are not afraid to innovate, offer dependable quality and sustainable products and packaging.

Our brands


Artisan pastry
Joriba produces artisan baked goods with an authentic flavour. It all began with our Diksmuide Boterkoek pastries, but our product range has expanded to include an extensive selection of eclairs and beignets for various markets.
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Gourmet pastry
We produce sophisticated gourmet pastries with homemade premium mousses and fillings, from individual mini desserts to delicious cakes and mixes with which to fill your own creations..
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Custom dessert fillings
Looking for a creamy custard as a filling for your pastries or to include in baked goods? Rice pudding made with the finest ingredients for a lovely rice pudding tart? We rely on our years of expertise to create delicious authentic fillings for artisan bakers, available in piping bags, pouches and pails.
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